Experience papers, practice papers and briefing notes

Experience papers summarised analysis of the challenges ESSPIN is tackling in the relevant technical area (problem statement / situation analysis) and explaining ESSPIN’s approach and methodology (solution / objectives) and progress made (implementation), highlighting any innovation and the participation of stakeholders. They indicate future challenges and ESSPIN intentions of further intervention, if appropriate. The Experiences are intended to promote programme learning and best practice, to inspire and inform similar future initiatives and provide a comprehensive record of ESSPIN’s progress and evidence of impact. See all Experience Papers →

Introduced in the latter stages of ESSPIN to replace Experience Paper, Practice Papers are accessible training information and How-To guides. See all Practice Papers →

The Briefing Notes are brief (2 page), accessible info sheets to describe ESSPIN’s programme wide approach to delivering key elements of the programme in the Output work streams and an indication of expected outcomes. Based on more complex and longer Technical Papers. See all Briefing Notes →