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Support at all levels

DFID-ESSPIN promotes simultaneous action on multiple fronts. Support for schools is accompanied by support for communities, support for state and local government and support for federal policies and budgets.

Two-thirds of ESSPIN programme resources are allotted to providing technical assistance, from both inside and outside Nigeria, to improve teaching and management skills in schools and the governance of education at State and Federal level.

An Integrated Approach to School Improvement

ESSPIN’s approach to raising standards in Nigerian schools is to focus support on the key elements that work together to deliver quality education – an integrated approach – rather than tackle problems in isolation.

For schools to be transformed into dynamic learning environments many things need to happen simultaneously. There need to be changes in the educational system as a whole, such as improving educational management, teaching skills, school infrastructure and learning materials. There also need to be changes outside schools, for example in education funding and governance structures and systems, and in the social and cultural attitudes of parents and communities.

Briefing Note 9 - “An Integrated Approach to School Improvement”

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