Communication and Knowledge Management

Capturing, managing and sharing information and knowledge

Sharing information and knowledge guides policy, planning and implementation, and opens up opportunities to discuss and bring about change. ESSPIN also helps set up systems to capture, manage and share information and knowledge.

An effective Education Management Information System (EMIS) provides solid data for developing policies, and for planning and budgeting. ESSPIN is providing practical support to improve school censuses to get accurate data on schools.

To help the Federal and State governments assess to what extent pupils are learning effectively ESSPIN is helping to develop systems to monitor learning achievements (MLA). The assessment system will provide reliable information on literacy and numeracy to guide policy makers and to help teachers and teacher education institutions develop appropriate teaching methods and resources.

ESSPIN is supporting monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the Federal Ministry of Education and the State Ministries of Education have reliable and timely information on progress against agreed indicators.