Working with schools is only part of the ESSPIN approach. Communities, civil society, the media and politicians are also vitally important in setting educational standards and fuelling demand for quality education.

ESSPIN supports these groups (Output 4), for example, by helping School-Based Management Committees (SBMC) make educational administrators and schools accountable.

SBMCs encourage community participation and boost demand for quality education services. ESSPIN will establish SBMCs or support similar organisations that represent community interests. Initially the focus will be on helping these groups to develop skills in monitoring progress with a view to enabling them eventually to play a part in school governance

In order to work closely with communities, ESSPIN partners with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the Strengthening Accountability and Voice Initiative (SAVI). This teamwork is important for mobilising communities and developing public information campaigns.

ESSPIN Briefing Notes

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Community Engagement and School Governance

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