Schools are at the heart of ESSPIN because they provide the environment in which children learn. Quality schools are staffed by quality teachers. Current training and career development of teachers provide teachers with few incentives. Well-structured career development plans and performance-based incentives, together with changes in the way principals and teachers are selected and made accountable to parents and the communities they serve, will help improve the quality of education (Output 3).

ESSPIN supports the development of better systems for training and deploying teachers, and developing teaching career structures.

For teachers to teach and children to learn schools need to be properly equipped. This means resourcing primary and junior schools to create an effective learning environment for pupils.

Significant programme resources will be used to support pilot schools, where necessary, with educational materials, water and sanitation, and better infrastructure. This will show what can be done and is replicable using the States' own resources. It will also encourage similar improvements in other schools and stimulate demand for further reform.

ESSPIN Briefing Notes

School Improvement and Teacher Professional Development

Quality Assurance