SBMC mentoring pack

School Based Management Committee (SBMC) materials have been developed to support SBMC capacity development according to the key roles and responsibilities of SBMCs set out in Federal Ministry of Education and State policy guidelines.

This guide is for the Master SBMC Trainers and the Civil Society Organisations and Government Partners – the people mentoring and training SBMCs to help them deliver on their State’s SBMC Policy.

This guide is your manual for the period after an SBMC has received its initial training, until the point at which you are able to support SBMCs regularly on your own. It is a follow-up to and builds upon the SBMC Training Manual .

The guide tells you how to provide the next phase of support to SBMCs after initial training: how to provide mentoring and further training for SBMCs to improve education in their communities. It also covers the steps involved in monitoring SBMCs, to make sure that they get the support they need.

You will be helping people in SBMCs and in government use their energy to make education far better for everyone. You will be a vital link person - especially between local government and SBMCs, and between all the SBMCs in your area. This guide gives you information to help you do this job, and gives you the basis of several top up training sessions to give SBMCs extra training in important areas.

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