SBMC guidebooks

The SBMC guidebook is designed as a reference for all SBMC members to consult as they carry out their roles and responsibilities.

The guidebook contains a summary of the State SBMC policy. It also clearly defines SBMC roles and responsibilities, provides guidance for SBMCs on school development planning, monitoring school activities, managing money and involving the community in issues of school governance and accountability.

The guidebook should be made available to all SBMCs and to anyone who may join an SBMC. In order to make effective use of this guide, all SBMCs should receive an initial basic training to be conducted by persons from Social Mobilisation Department of SUBEB and Civil Society Organisations.

The SBMC guidebook has been developed by State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and its parastatals with support from ESSPIN. It has been produced in response to the State Government’s desire to increase community participation in education, through the adaptation of the national policy on School Based Management Committees (SBMCs) to local needs.

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