Social Mobilisation Officer manual

The Social Mobilisation Officer (SMO) handbook is designed as a reference guide for SMOs to consult as they engage with their roles and responsibilities. Throughout the school calendar year, SMOs lead on community mobilisation and social issues related to the school. They support the development of School Based- Management Committees, act as the vehicle for community voice in school improvement, and strengthen school governance for improved learning of all children. The handbook will fully guide SMOs to strengthen community participation in education in each community they work with by supporting community members, teachers, Head Teachers, LGEA staff and other relevant stakeholders.

The Handbook aligns with, but does not repeat, information which can be found in the 4 other key SBMC resources:

  • The state specific SBMC policy guidelines
  • The SBMC Guidebook (the training tool based on state specific policy guidelines which SMOs used to train SBMCs)
  • The SBMC Training Manual (the training tool used by State SBMC Master Trainers to train SMOs and CSOs)
  • The SBMC Mentoring and Monitoring Pack (The pack of follow-up mentoring and monitoring pack used by State SBMC Trainers with SMOs and CSOs, and by SMOs and CSOs with SBMCs)

This Social Mobilisation Officer’s Handbook is the result of collaborative development and partnership between Government and Civil Society in Nigeria. It utilises the professional expertise and experiences of the Kano, Kwara, Jigawa, Enugu, Lagos and Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Boards and supporting Civil Society Organisations. The work was coordinated by the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN).

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