School Support Officer manual

A ‘School Support Officer’ (SSO) is any person based at an LGEA who works to improve the quality of teaching and learning by visiting and working with schools. The name may vary in different States and in different States an SSO could be supported by a member of the State School Improvement Team (SSIT), or the Teacher Development Team (TDT).

This handbook is designed as a reference for School Support Officers to consult as they carry out their roles and responsibilities. The handbook will guide them to improve each school they work with by supporting teachers, Head Teachers, and other LGEA staff. The focus for SSOs and those they work with is improving the quality of teaching and learning.

The handbook provides guidance on three main areas of their work: improving classroom practice, strengthening school leadership, and gathering and sharing information about schools. This handbook gives some suggestions about how to do this but it is not an instruction manual and it does not have all of the answers.

This handbook should be used in conjunction with the Head Teacher’s Handbook. In some States Teachers’ Guides and video clips are available; if they are, then these should be used as well.

This Handbook has been collaboratively developed using the professional expertise and experiences of the State Universal Basic Education Boards in Enugu, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kwara and Lagos, the State School Improvement Teams, Head Teachers and education consultants from Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN).

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