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School Planning Leads to Improved School / Community Relations (jigawa)


The SBMC presenting writing materials and other resources to 1,745 pupils at Nasoro Science Special Primary Gumel in Support of the implementation of the SDP on 25th Feb 2011

Abba Musa (Solo), a 55 year old Head Teacher of Nasoro Science, Special Primary school, Gumel, Jigawa State was amazed by the amount of change he saw happening in his school recently. He said “It is wonderful, and indeed surprising and amazing too. In my over 20 years as the Head Teacher of this school, there has never been a time the community is more focused on children’s achievement than now. The amount of support pouring into the school from the community is really encouraging.”

Being a Head Teacher of a primary school with about 5,050 children (2969 boys and 2081 girls) for over 20 years, Abba has never seen so much attention paid to the kids by members of the community. This re-awakening among stakeholders and their focus on children’s development can easily be traced to ESSPIN’s intervention for school improvement.

Before the intervention, the school had no vision and the relationship between the school and the community was poor. Nasoro Science Special PS feels lucky to be selected as a target school in Gumel LGEA. This marked the beginning of a positive change for the school.

After attending the ESSPIN trainings, Abba Musa completed the School Self Evaluation (SSE) and shared the results with the SBMC and the wider community. Later he organised several meetings with the SBMC to share the School Development Plan (SDP). Thereafter, remarkable changes in school-community relations began to manifest.  People started trooping in to assist the school in many ways to support the implementation of the SDP and help the school achieve its vision. Instructional materials such as books and other stationery were donated by parents. 1,745 children were provided with uniforms, school bags and exercise books. 16 Children with special needs were also provided with learning aids and wheel chairs.

Abba Musa now feels that with the support of the community behind him he can continue to lead and develop an effective school and provide successful support and mentoring to his 78 class teachers to improve teaching and learning. He looks forward to the future.

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