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Kano’s resources used to train Kano’s teachers


Head Teacher Fatimah Mohammed Fagge during a professional development session paid for by members of the school community .

“I always wondered how I could improve my work as a head teacher” reflects Fatimah Mohammed Fagge, the aptly-named principal of Fagge Special Primary School. “I also desired to leave a legacy in my school but I didn’t know what to do. Then ESSPIN taught us how to involve the community in planning and supervision of the progress of the school. Now the Old Pupils of the school and the School Based Management Committee (SBMC) have come together to support the training of our teachers. I am so happy!”

Fatimah has benefited from ESSPIN’s professional development programme on school improvement which helps head teachers become leaders who effectively and efficiently manage their school’s resources. Inspired to attract additional funding to improve Fagge SPS, Fatimah sought the support of the Old Pupil’s Association (OPA) and SBMC. Jointly they worked to replicate ESSPIN’s integrated School Improvement Programme training and follow-up support in classrooms for all her teachers.

The training at Fagge Special Primary School was facilitated by the State School Improvement Team (SSIT): a group of 30 professionals, gathered from across the education system, with capacity developed by ESSPIN to inspire the professional development of head teachers, teachers and supervisory staff in the state.

The ESSPIN School Improvement Programme places children firmly at the centre of schooling. It encourages the conditions for all children to be included and learn in a safe and comfortable environment. Head teachers are trained to conduct a school self-evaluation in partnership with the SBMC and community, then set and achieve appropriate targets in a school development plan, to work towards the highest possible standards of education.

“I have attended each level of the training supported by ESSPIN and I say, if not for these trainings, I would have laboured in vain” Fatimah enthuses, as she shows off the objectives of her school development plan displayed on her office notice-board.

“I have learned how to approach and involve members of the community in the affairs of the school and now I can see the results.”

ESSPIN is working with the state government, civil society organizations and communities under the banner ‘Let’s make all Kano schools improving schools’. We seek to ensure that all state and community resources are used to make this dream a reality.

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