Case Studies

Quality Assured in Kano


Staff from MOEST, SUBEB and other agencies being trained on the new Quality Assurance process in Kano.

The trainings that I have received from ESSPIN on the process of Quality Assurance have improved the way that I and my colleagues work. This is clearly evident in the way the teachers respond to us when we visit the schools. It is no longer the way it was”. These are the words of Abdullahi Mohammed Koki, a senior officer of Kano’s State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).
Koki is being trained in processes of Quality Assurance which are new to the state’s education system. This is one of the measures ESSPIN is supporting at the state and school levels and includes the setting up of effective processes within the education system to ensure that children get quality education through quality teaching and support.
Koki reported “I benefited a lot from this exam and the entire change in QA that has been introduced. We are already seeing the impact in our schools”.
ESSPIN has supported the capacity building of relevant personnel carefully selected from the Ministry of Education, SUBEB and other agencies that oversee education in the state.
These staff members have been trained to further step-down the trainings at their respective agencies to ensure a total and well rounded shift from the old inspectorate system to a newer and more efficient process of Quality Assurance which will in turn improve the learning outcomes of the children in school.
We are no longer pre-occupied with things that depict little or no value, such as the condition of chairs or desks within the schools. This was the case before but now we are focused on the children and the quality of education they receive.” says Koki
   “We are surely anticipating and completely confident that it is only a matter of time before the whole state begins to feel the impact of this shift. We want to say a very big thank you to ESSPIN for this support”, he added.

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