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School Based Management Committee women help increase enrolment in schools


A’isha umaru and Hauwa Mohammed crossing the bridge of unity at Gurgu1 Kajuru LGA, Kaduna

Many more children from Rimau town in Kaduna State now have access to a good route to school. This is because the School Based Management Committee’s Women Team on the 26 May 2012 constructed a bridge across Amashi River (which sits between the school and the community) in order to provide safe access for their children. As a result, enrolment at the UBE Primary School Gurgu 1 has increased. The newly constructed bridge has also afforded Fulani (nomadic) children in the community the opportunity to cross over and attend school.
The number of pupils in the school was formerly 60 (34 boys and 26 girls) but now “I am glad because as a result of the newly constructed bridge, enrolment has increased from four Fulani children to 32 [who come from the previously isolated community]. Presently, I have a total enrolment of 253 (147 boys and 106 girls)” said the Head Teacher Mr. Dauda Turaki.
Life was different for the children before the SBMC women intervened. “Before the bridge was constructed
we entered into the Amashi River to cross to school in the rainy season and this
made us feel unhappy” said 14 year old Audu Yusuf. One of the Fulani woman said that “Years back when our children crossed the river on the bad bridge, one of our sons, Daniel Tofa, drowned in the river, and because of that we withdrew our children from school.

Children who were withdrawn from school are now back at school again. A class teacher Mrs. Rosika Dauda said, “I am filled with joy seeing children who were out of school return back into school as a result of women’s effort in approaching issues of community development. In the past, most of the children from nomadic settlements were very few, but with the new bridge, primary 1 pupils’ enrolment is higher.

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