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Impacting pupils through an effective support system

23rd November, 2015  

Mrs Adedoyin discussing with the headteacher after class as an SIO listens

With the kind of support we get from the strong support teams in Lagos now, my work has improved and I can see it even in the way my class children respond to me during the lessons. Mrs Adedoyin T. M, class teacher at St. Kizito primary school Ifako Ijaiye local government, Lagos State

ESSPIN has been supporting Lagos State in setting the tone for an effective support and monitoring system. This is while training is delivered to head teachers and class teachers to improve pupils’ learning outcomes. The level of teaching and learning have thus been raised in the state with children now achieving more as a result of increased duration of teaching and learning coupled with effective methods of delivery. The capacity of the State Universal Basic Education Board has also been strengthened to manage positive change. With an effective system of support in place, teachers like Mrs Adedoyin are invigorated each time they receive support visits from State School Improvement Team members, School Improvement Officers and school-based support from their head teachers as well. All these form a well-articulated and structured assistance that teachers in Lagos now receive constantly as they plan and deliver their lessons daily.

There are times when we argue about a point and share views about improving a particular lesson delivery with an SSIT or an SIO. I do not mind at all, because I know we are all working towards the same objective of making sure the pupils learn in the best possible way. Anytime I hear of visits from my SIO I am happy and always know I will learn something new with which to improve on my lessons.

Mrs. Adedoyin is one of the teachers in Lagos who is actively involved with series of ESSPIN supported professional development meetings which take place both at school and cluster levels. These meetings are quite contemporary and need based. They are set up to address current challenges faced by teachers in the classroom as they strive to deliver competent lessons to a class filled with eager pupils. All over Lagos now, pupils in public schools look forward to their lessons because they know they will hear and learn a new song, a new game, or even a new way of clapping to encourage each other.

I do not take anything personally when I receive comments from the head teacher or the School Improvement Officer because we all have one thing in mind and that is the children. I am always informed of the things that I did correctly first and then areas that I can improve upon. We are just starting and we will change the face of public education in this stateSays Mrs. Adedoyin as she heads back to the class with a determined smile on her face.

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