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Pupils' learning is improving in Mathematics and English language due to literacy and numeracy training

23rd November, 2015  

Above: Chris Bitrus' Primary 3 (2013) and 5 (2015) results show improvement in English and Mathematics

In the past 4 years, I have been to two schools and I can tell you that learners' results are improving. In schools where ESSPIN's method of teaching and learning is adopted, pupil's result aggregates are higher and becoming bettersaid Mallam Musa Magaji.

Musa is one of the head teachers that started ESSPIN pilot phase of school improvement. He was formerly head teacher at LGEA Maiduguri road, but he is now the head teacher at LGEA Ungwan Shanu Primary school in Kaduna north. Musa and most of his teachers say that learners’ result aggregates have become more impressive than they used to be.

The Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria has introduced a range of improvements in the way learners are taught; teachers' capacity is developed to address barriers against quality of learning achievement.

In the past, learners came out with overall poor results even when they maintained attractive positions like 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the class. It was almost a common thing to find the 1st position in class with a 55% or 60% aggregate.

When a child comes out with the 1st position in his or her class having 55% or 60%, I think it means that the teachers are not actually delivering quality teaching and therefore pupils also do not achieve quality learning, it also means learning achievement in that class or school is poor. But presently, if you look at most of our result sheets, especially in English and Mathematics in the past 2 years, you will find that our learners' results have improved because of ESSSPIN's support in Literacy and Numeracy. Most of our pupils who take first positions, have nothing less than an 80% aggregate, said the Head Teacher Mallam Musa.

Musa said 'our learners are more confident than ever; some of them could not express themselves in the past than they do today.

ESSPIN and Kaduna state government are determined to help public schools and their teachers become effective, to facilitate increased learning achievements for Kaduna children.

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