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Pupil-centred learning enjoyed by teachers and pupils alike

23rd November, 2013  

Having been trained,I am better able to carry my pupils along during lessons. I now use more pupil-centred activities, encouraging my pupils to think out positive ideas on their own, aid Muazu Adamu, a class teacher in Nassarawa-Gatte Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) school in Kaiama.I now use various teaching methods like games and peer learning, which has helped to improve my pupils’ assimilation,Yakubu Mustapha, a class teacher in Nuku LGEA school in Kaiama added.

Yakubu and Muazu are among the 15,000 teachers in Kwara state who are now tailoring learning activities to benefit pupils in schools. ESSPIN had organised training for teachers, head teachers, School Support Officers and members of the State School Improvement Team to collaboratively work towards improving learning for pupils in schools.

Prior to the training, teachers in Kwara had inadequate knowledge of child protection and child-centred teaching methods for literacy and numeracy.I have acquired skills on how to teach the grid pattern multiplication methods, place value, game and grouping of pupils in time telling, and the use of number lines in teaching, all for the sake of my pupils,Mohammed Ahmed Zainab, a class teacher from Tenebo LGEA school in Kaiama affirmed. On literacy,

Amuda Abdulazeez of Vobera LGEA school continued,I have learned about writing, reasons for writing, types of writing, characteristics of good writing, and recognition of letters, and I will be better able to impart that knowledge to my pupils.” “I have also learned about child protection which comprises creating a safe environment for my pupils to learn,Odebunmi Victoria Igabi of Olori LGEA school added.

“I have noticed that my teacher now teaches better”, Rukayat Ayuba, a primary 6 pupil of Ansarul-Islam LGEA school in Ilorin East explained, “She carefully teaches us how to use our textbooks, she now uses teaching aids, praises us when we answer questions well, and also encourages peer learning.”Asked what areas he wished to focus on in the future to improve learning for his pupils, Abdullahi Saidu of Moshe Gada LGEA school responded in favour of the continual use of teaching aid, appropriate methodology, peer learning, and interpersonal relationships between him and his pupils. For Muhammed Tani Hamarat of Tenebo LGEA school, his focus will be child protection and classroom management techniques.

Following teacher trainings across the state, teachers in Kwara now engage their pupils proficiently, helping pupils to learn. Pupils’ performance, especially in literacy, is improving. The acquisition of diverse skills and teaching methodologies has made learning in Kwara more pupil-centred.

We are just starting and we will change the face of public education in this state Says Mrs. Adedoyin as she heads back to the class with a determined smile on her face.

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