Case Studies

IQTE programme is changing lives

18th April, 2016  

Suleiman Yusuf in class

Suleiman Yusuf is an 11 year old pupil in one of the IQTE schools ESSPIN is supporting. He
comes from a nearby Kujama village in Chikun LGA of Kaduna State to attend Tsangaya
School in Mallam Ja’afar’s school which is a SUBEB Pilot IQTE school in Kaduna North LGA.

His school was among the schools invited to attend the International Day of the African Child
Celebration jointly organized by ESSPIN, SCUK, UNICEF and other stakeholders. Being the day
of celebrating children, the children were given the front seat and were given an opportunity
to make speeches. Suleiman Yusuf was nominated among those to present a speech.

Being used to scavenging for food at occasions, Suleiman could not help, but make his
situation felt as an integral part of his speech. He began to speak, “In the name of Allah, the
most beneficent, the most merciful. I thank God for this occasion and I thank ESSPIN for the
IQTE program which is the reason why I am here today as a special guest. For the first time in
my life I will be served fresh food at an occasion like this and not have to wait for remnants
which is what I am used to. This is what education does to one’s life. It gives you prestige”.

Such an unusual speech from a child!’ was the reaction of most present, not because he was
an Almajiri child, but for him to have linked the importance of education to the little, but
most important detail of his life: freshly cooked food vs left overs.


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