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Community Theatre speaks the mind of the ‎women in school communities, caused so ‎many changes.‎

11th July, 2016   

'Several women in this community have told ‎me that the theatre programme spoke their ‎minds and provided a good ground for their ‎men to change their ways regarding the girl ‎child enrolment' said Hajiya Larai Head ‎Teacher Nuhu Bamali LGEA Tudun Wada.‎

Poor enrolment of the girl child into school ‎has been one of the identified challenges to ‎education in many of the Kaduna ‎communities. The Education Sector Support ‎Programme in Nigeria adapted a community ‎theatre drama into video in 2014 and they ‎were disseminated across 23 LGEAs in ‎Kaduna. The project helped to communicate, ‎share knowledge and mobilise communities ‎for action to promote and improve ‎enrolment especially of girls and school ‎based management. ‎

A lot of schools recorded positive responses ‎leading to desired changes at schools and ‎communities.‎

‎ Hajiya Larai said 'the day we watched the ‎theatre programme in our LGEA, one of the ‎viewers Hamza Haruna Gambo was moved ‎after seeing how Halima's father changed his ‎attitude toward girl education. This made ‎him- Gambo to donate 300 blocks as support ‎to the school's proposed building project, he ‎also gave us a cash donation of N100,000 to ‎help us raise the blocks ' .  ‎

The Head Teacher had also reported to the ‎Department of Social Mobilisation at the ‎State's Basic Education Board, saying that ‎‎'enrolment increased by about 300 pupils (192 ‎girls and 108 boys). Other people also made ‎contributions of about 35 school uniforms (25 ‎feminine and 10 masculine).'  ‎

Nuhu Bamali is one of the 480 roll-out ESSPIN ‎supported schools.  Prior to the community ‎theatre public viewing, the school suffered ‎lack of sufficient blocks of classrooms. But ‎when people began to make donations, the ‎school received about 2000 blocks and have ‎since achieved more.  Many parents have ‎been sensitised; more than 200 girls have ‎been allowed by their parents to enrol into ‎school, leading to increased enrolment in ‎schools, and communities now pays more ‎attention to identified schools' needs.  ‎

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