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Improving pupil attendance at Awodiora LGEA primary school-the story of Mrs Badejo

11th July, 2016  

Mrs. Badejo observing one of her teachers during a class

Awodiora LGEA primary school is located within Ajeromi Ifelodun local government of Lagos state popularly referred to as Ajif and is where the popular Ajegunle is located. The location of the school did not help as it is sighted within an estate meant for living quarters only and not within an open public space. This adversely affected the enrolment of pupils in the school and a little less than a hundred pupils were in attendance each term. Badejo and her staff had an uphill task ahead of them up until ESSPIN’s intervention in the state.

ESSPIN’s approach to school improvement has always taken into consideration the relationship between the school and the community. Head Teacher are trained and supported to provide the necessary leadership and management to the school. This covers areas of quality teaching and learning time as well.

One major thing we did was to embark on public awareness. I and the SBMC went into the community and engaged with them. We implored them to send their children to school. And quite a number of parents did not even know the school existed. So they started sending their children, one after the other

ESSPIN’s approach to school improvement is far reaching and encompasses the improvement in student’s learning outcomes as well as the school’s capacity to manage change. Mrs Badejo’s school is changing every day and her staff are adapting to the school improvement process. They receive regular visits from the School Improvement Officers and the State School Improvement Team as well. She supports her teachers as they teach the pupils and is always there to lend a supporting hand when the need arises.

Right now Awodiora LGEA primary school has a total population of about 400 pupils due to Mrs Badejo and the school’s SBMC’s effort. The SBMC is working tirelessly to make sure another set of classroom blocks are completed and it is an arduous task.

“There is much work to be done still, you can never really stop improving on education and we still continue with our drive to not only improve the attendance but the quality of teaching and learning as well.”

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