Cambridge Education certifies 140 SSIT members

The Director MottMac, the Permanent Secretary MOEST Lagos and Mrs Alajiki a recipient SSIT team member from Lagos

140 dedicated State School Improvement Team members have been certified by Cambridge Education in the six ESSPIN focal states - Enugu (12), Jigawa (14), Kaduna (22), Kano (26), Kwara (26) and Lagos (40).

The SSIT members’ certification is in recognition of their support to the improvement of teaching and learning in school through training and mentoring of School Support Officers (SSOs), Head Teachers (HTs) and Classroom Teachers.

The training was focused on literacy and numeracy, school development planning, school self-evaluation as well as management and leadership.

At the Kano award ceremony, Jake Ross, ESSPIN’s Deputy Programme Manager, expressed ESSPIN’s appreciation of the partnership which has led to great improvements in access and quality of education. ‘I am impressed by the dedication of government officials in raising the standard of the quality of education the children receive and also in creating access into the largest public school system in Nigeria.’

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