Notes on Documentary Series

The documentary series is arranged as follows:
ESSPIN 0-- Programme Reports and Documents
ESSPIN 1-- Federal support to national replication of school improvement (Reports and Documents for Output 1)
ESSPIN 2-- State and Local Government support to school improvement (Reports and Documents for Output 2)
ESSPIN 3-- School Improvement (Reports and Documents for Output 3)
ESSPIN 4-- Community Engagement and Learner participation (Reports and Documents for Output 4)
ESSPIN 5-- Information Management Reports and Documents

Reports and Documents produced for individual ESSPIN focal states follow the same number sequence but are prefixed:
EN Enugu
JG Jigawa
KD Kaduna
KN Kano
KW Kwara
LG Lagos

Some reports have been archived on the ESSPIN intranet, for enquiries contact