Education Management Information Systems (EMIS)

A major challenge to educational development in Nigeria is the lack of credible and timely data for evidence-based policy making and planning, effective performance monitoring and feedback as well as quality advocacy. ESSPIN worked at all levels - Federal, State and LGA - supporting policy, technical and systems development and enhancement to facilitate availability of credible and timely education data.

The programme supported the establishment of bottom-up integrated Education Management Information System (EMIS) in the six programme states. ESSPIN built the states' capacity to regularly conduct ASCs, improve the processes, enhance data quality and disseminate more user-friendly reports and deliverables such as Integrated School Development Planning (ISDP) framework linked to Global Positioning System (GPS).

LGEAs of programme states were supported to establish and develop capacity to manage and use LGEA Education Management Database for basic school improvement as integral part of state EMIS.

At the federal level, support was provided to FME-NEMIS and UBEC capacity strengthening to provide competent national technical leadership and effective coordination of functional EMIS development in Nigeria.

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