Head teacher and teacher training

Empowering head teachers to lead teaching and learning was at the heart of ESSPIN . Head teachers were trained and supported through school visits by SSOs for two years. Six HT modules were delivered each per term. After training, school based tasks were given to HTs to be supported by the communities and the School Support Officers (SSOs). Some of the tasks included conduct of School Self Evaluation, School Development Plan, Professional Development Meetings, Lesson Observation and much more as stated in the HT training manuals. Standards were agreed upon by the stakeholders to measure HT effectiveness and planning (please see the leadership and planning standards).

For teachers to become competent in pedagogy and content knowledge, they were also supported with a training programme on Literacy and Numeracy designed for two years to be succeeded with Continuous School Improvement. Criteria for meeting teacher standard for competency were agreed upon by all the states focusing on three levels of competency (effective, inclusive and advanced).

SSO manual was produced to guide the school support officers’ support visits to schools. SSOs and HTs were supported to collect evidence of learning and good practice in schools to feed into school, cluster, LGEA and SUBEB reports

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