Planning and budgeting

ESSPIN facilitated major reforms in educational planning and budgeting in the six programme states. Capacity was built for the establishment of integrated bottom-up planning, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation systems in the states. The programme supported capacity development in the use of evidence-based strategic planning, budgeting and sector performance monitoring and reporting to ensure efficient and effective prioritisation and resources allocation for improved education service delivery. The states were provided technical assistance to develop and use 3-Year rolling education sector-wide Medium Term Strategies (MTSS) to determine priorities and inform budgeting and annual workplans of MoEs, SUBEBs and LGEAs. Capacity was also built for the development and use of School Development Plans (SDPs) by public primary schools.

ESSPIN also developed states’ capacity for systemic monitoring and evaluation through the institution of Annual Education Sector Performance Reviews (AESPRs) and reporting to strengthen transparency and accountability. EMIS capacity development, regular conduct of ASCs and establishment LGEA Database for the availability and use of timely and credible data was a key element of ESSPIN’s support. The programme also deployed political engagement to enable the states institutionalise the involvement, participation and coordination of all key stakeholders, including relevant MDAs, the civil society and communities, in the strategic planning and performance monitoring and reporting processes.

Realted resources
  1. Strategic Planning and Medium Term Sector Strategy
  2. State Annual School Census Reports (ASCs).
  3. States’ Annual Education Sector Performance Reviews (AESPRs)
  4. Annual Self-Assessment Reports on States and LGEAs’ Capacity to support School Improvement
  5. ESSPIN Practice Paper: Using Medium Term Sector Strategies to Support Nigerian Educational Planning